Our work is born from a collective desire to maintain excellence in our craft, while providing a creative home for those in the field of actor training.

The central component of our Parodos platform is the eponymously named Parodos journal.

The first issue of Parodos was released in September 2018 and features articles by Stephen Wangh, Hugh O’Gorman, Brandt Reiter, and Roberto Alcaraz, Jr. Visit parodos.actingteachers.org.

Peer-reviewed and published semi-annualy by the National Alliance of Acting Teachers, the open access journal is freely available to educators, administrators, and students across the world.

In leading an ongoing conversation on areas of concern and celebration across the fields of acting and actor training, the journal highlights evident successes, current obstacles, notable fresh approaches, and explores the broader social contributions of the actor and the corresponding role of educators. The journal also seeks the identification of those in our field who have made a special contribution to the craft, and to our society’s cultural development.

In publishing this journal, we hope to make the field stronger through the exchange of information and ideas, and give voice to the cadre of professionals dedicated to the craft of teaching acting.

Submissions Guidelines

Articles may take many forms, including the examination of functional pedagogical practices and approaches, opinion pieces with well-founded assessments on current issues, and interviews with notable members in the field, among others.

Submissions may vary in format as outlined above and should be between 500-3000 words in length. Inquiries prior to submission are welcome. Please email all submissions attached as Microsoft Word documents to submissions@actingteachers.org.