We’re building an online platform to make the field stronger through the exchange of information and ideas.

We have the opportunity to put forth a nationally supported set of standards for actor training and establish ourselves as a credible and relevant voice in the discourse on current issues facing our field. To serve this purpose, we are launching an online platform for acting teachers, called Parodos.

With this platform, our organization can act as a clearinghouse for ideas of the highest integrity: through issue-based advocacy—such as the need for increased awareness and support for diversity and inclusion in all aspects of actor training; by sharing industry and field related research and surveys examining the health and state of actor training and our profession; and through the publication of articles, interviews, and opinion pieces in a peer-reviewed journal.


Peer-Reviewed Journal

The central component is the eponymously named Parodos Journal. Peer-reviewed and published quarterly, the open-access journal features articles and interviews from leaders in the field highlighting areas of concern and celebration across the fields of acting and actor training.

Resources for Teachers

Our Parodos platform also serves as a knowledge base, facilitating the gathering and documenting of tools and resources for acting teachers. These tools range from scene and exercise libraries to administrative resources and example syllabi to interviews, links, and reading material.

Community & Dialogue

Parodos also serves as a gathering place—to access and engage with a diverse network of peers. The platform provides a digital home for our community and membership functions, while fostering dialogue through hosted webinars, panel discussions, discussion forums.

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