We aim to preserve and promote the collective wisdom of a generation of teachers so that the craft of acting may continue to thrive and our society along with it.

Starting in 2017, we launched three new fellowships for acting teachers and professional actors interested in teaching, as well as additional scholarship opportunities to support broad participation in our programs.

As part of our continuing effort to support the highest standards of excellence in actor training, the fellowships and scholarships are awarded to support exceptional individuals in their professional development and continued growth in the craft of teaching acting.

Applications Ongoing

*The 2019, 2020 & 2021 TDP Fellowships and Scholarships were funded in part by the generous support of the Lui & Wan Foundation.

Professional Development Fellowships

2021 Fellowship Applications: Closed

Three professional development fellowships provide full scholarship to our two week Teacher Development Program, as well as one year membership in the National Alliance of Acting Teachers. The fellowships are named after three of the Program’s initial faculty—Lloyd Richards, Earle Gister, and Ron Van Lieu—master teachers who have influenced generations of artists and global citizens with their artistic integrity and craftsmanship. We honor their extraordinary contributions to the field. *(Please note that the scholarships this year will first be reoffered to the 2020 recipients. If they decline this one year extension, we will select from the 2021 submissions.)*

Lloyd Richards Fellowship

Supporting Diversity in the Profession

Awarded annually to one exceptional acting teacher or professional actor to support diversity in actor training. Named after legendary acting teacher, director, producer and nurturer of playwrights, Lloyd Richards, revered among those whom he mentored during his extraordinary career. The recipient of this fellowship receives full scholarship to the Teacher Development Program.

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Earle Gister Fellowship

Supporting Gifted Early Career Teachers

Awarded annually to support the advancement of one exceptional acting teacher at an early stage of their career. A nationally recognized figure in the field, Earle Gister played a seminal role in numerous training programs and national arts institutions. Legions of actors in theaters across the country, in every part of the entertainment field in Los Angeles and New York trace their careers to their time with Earle. The recipient of this fellowship receives full scholarship to the Teacher Development Program.

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Ron Van Lieu Fellowship

Supporting Actors Transitioning to Teaching

Awarded annually to one exceptional professional actor to support their transition from performing to teaching. Ron Van Lieu’s contribution to the profession and the art form through his innate understanding of human behavior is unparalleled. He has been the inspirational guide for a half century of exceptional theatre artists. The recipient of this fellowship receives full scholarship to the Teacher Development Program.

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Program Scholarships

A series of scholarships are available to support participation in our Teacher Development Program and our National Congress. Program scholarships are granted on a rolling basis.

TDP Scholarships

Financial support to attend

To ensure broad access to our Teacher Development Program, we offer partial scholarships for adjunct faculty, instructors, and coaches without access to professional development funding. We also offer need-based and merit-based scholarships to individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend.

In order to be eligible, individuals should first submit their application to the Teacher Development Program. Subsequently, please write to Managing Director, Jane McPherson at jmcpherson@actingteachers.org to inquire about scholarship availability.

Congress Scholarships

Financial support to attend

Open to current members of the National Alliance of Acting Teachers, we offer a limited number of scholarships to support participation at our National Congress. Two groups of individuals may apply: current members in need of financial support; and those attending for the first time.

Additional information regarding Congress Scholarships will be emailed to members.

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